and passion to solve problems

started our journey into the world of Pests in Ontario. Since 2002, we have been on a whirlwind tour of greatly varying Pest situations and client experiences. The experience and skills we have cultivated over 2 decades delivers us with impeccable confidence to solve any Bed Bug infestation.

We have serviced roaming houses, hostels, medical offices and other public common structures for Bed Bug infestations with 100% elimination. We will get rid of Bed Bugs with guarantee for you as well.

If it were not for the passion for exterminating Bed Bugs from the bed rooms of ourclients,wewouldnot be here. We take on every case as a challenge, to be solved on the best of terms.

We have the record of being most economical and most effective Bed Bug Exterminator in Barrieandneighbouring areas. Our professional and compassionate team members use Insecticide application as to avoid the need for a second application.